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is the holy book of Islam. Muslims believe that Quran is the culmination of God's revelation and the cover is for humans, and part of the pillars of faith, delivered to the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, through the intercession of the Angel Gabriel. And as the first revelation received by Prophet Muhammad

Alquran is oly a peace of Allah
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With regard to the existence of those books that is believed revealed to the prophets before Muhammad in the Islamic religion (Torah, Psalms, Gospels, sheets Ibrahim), Al-Qur'an in several verses hardened its position on the books. Here is a statement of the Qur'an that would be a doctrine for the Islamic Ummah on the Qur'an relationship with these books:

* That the Holy Qur'an requires Muslims belief of the existence of these books. Sura (2:4)
* That the Qur'an is positioned as a justification and touchstone (verifier) for the previous books. Sura (5:48)
* That the Qur'an to be a reference to eliminate the disagreement between the Ummah, Ummah different apostles. Sura (16:63-64)
* That the Qur'an straighten history. In the Qur'an there are stories about the past of the apostles, as well as on some part of the lives of the apostles. The story was on several important aspects different from the version found in other texts owned by both Jews and Christians.

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