Tips For Successful Guest Posting

Tips For Successful Guest Posting _Only elite authors are requested to write guest posts to enhance the marketing effectiveness of a blog. There are a few tips and guidelines that increase the acceptance rate of these guest posts and help guest bloggers not only promote their clients’ websites but also help them create a reputation online.

Pitch and promote your guest post after you write it

To drive valid traffic to your post, make sure that you promote it. Even new visitors leave comments and join the conversation if they find the content relevant and useful. Bloggers are busy people and you can save a lot of time by emailing your guest post across to them, so they get a good idea of what you can offer.

Pick the right blog after doing your research

A strategic guest post campaign is not about submitting the maximum number of posts to all kinds of sites and blogs. As a guest blogger, you need to make sure that you post content only on websites that have a good PageRank and solid readership. Authority blogs and sites in niche and unique topic areas that accept only those posts that are relevant to you as well as your clients are a good place to begin. Start with the archives and then go through the current content to get a good idea of the look and feel of the blog.

Keep it fresh and always think of new and creative ideas

Finding the right blog is only the first step in the process. A successful guest post that is unique and interesting always draws user attention. Even if you have the required credentials and provide links to blog samples and other relevant writing samples online, this guest post is the only way to prove to the audience that you have something that they should definitely pay close attention to. One way of going about this is to take a look at the posts on other authority sites that have topics related to what you would like to write about.

Be straightforward and honest

Providing inaccurate and false blog stats (page views, ranking, unique visitors), credentials, and other information is a foolish thing to do. Even if you start your guest blogging efforts on small blogs, you will get caught sooner or later, which will spoil your chances of gaining an entry into the big league. Learn the ropes of the process, build your online reputation, attract your own blog traffic, and gain more exposure; even it means that you have to start afresh.

Write quality content always

Coherent and compelling blog content always grabs eyeballs and garners the attention that is truly deserves. Your content has to be the best if you would like to increase your chances of being asked to post more content as a guest blogger. The posts should never have any spelling and grammatical errors. Include a short bio along with one or two links to a website or page that you would like to share with the readers. Too many links make the post appear like spam and webmasters will reject your content right away. Always spend enough time and put in a lot of effort in writing informative and interesting content.

Tips Every Website Owner Should Know

Tips Every Website Owner Should Know
_ his is a very powerful and somewhat passive form of online marketing. The viral nature of linkbait can mean hundreds of links and millions of hits

Be at the forefront of new topics. If your website is always one of the first to discuss a new topic relevant to your site’s audience, you can bet people will not only come back to see what’s new in the future, they’ll also forward your website to friends and colleagues.

Make a top 10 list. There’s a reason you’re reading this post. People like information condensed into short, simple, easy-to-implement points. When they find this information useful, it’s excellent linkbait.

Make your content interesting. Even if your website centers on the mating habits of earthworms, it doesn’t have to be boring! When articles, blog posts and other web content are interesting to read, they’re more likely to get forwarded. Though this is a bit obvious, it’s necessary to stress this point, as it is the backbone of all linkbait.
Offer a how-to guide. People love things that are free and love to share free things with their friends. This is especially true with free guides, especially if the information is extremely useful.

Use the power of social media. Be sure to post a link to every new piece of quality linkbait your site generates on Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends to share the link. This will help the viral sharing process associated with linkbait begin.
Research your keywords. Use tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find out what keywords people are searching for. Then, make sure you use those keywords in your linkbait. This will draw more visitors to your site and result in more forwards.

Write catchy titles. You only have a few seconds to grab a potential reader’s attention; it’s important that you do everything you can to excite them before they even arrive on your site. The first challenge is to get them to click on your link from another site. The second challenge is to get them to share your content (either by linking to it or posting it on a social media platform). The only way you can accomplish the first challenge is to write a unique and gripping title.

Start off strong. The beginning of your linkbait blog post should get your readers excited and interested in reading the rest of your content. Capture their attention quickly and they’ll be more likely to forward it.

Use videos. We’re a very visual society. People often would rather watch a video about a topic than read about it. Videos are an excellent linkbait web feature. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “viral video.” There’s a reason for that.
Offer a collection of resource links. This is the Information Age and Internet users are always looking for more information on a subject. Give your readers a collection of high-value links to other sources. They’ll likely forward your site as a one-stop shop for resources on that topic.

Putting Your Website Copywriter to Work for You

A copywriter who already understands your industry can save you considerable time and more readily produce copy that speaks with a trusted voice to your target audience.

While I’ve written for over 40 industries, I still find my copywriting services in extremely high demand by companies operating in industries for which I have no prior experience.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s entirely normal. A good copywriter takes the time to understand your industry. They can adapt their voice to the needs of your audience. But still I am always looking to find a way to provide even greater value to the growing number of clients who approach me. That’s why I’ve narrowed my focus to write for the types of businesses I enjoy working with most.

But you should understand there are copywriters who have experience in just about every industry you can imagine (I’ve written for such niches as equine embryo transfer!) Finding them is difficult, because copywriters tend to promote themselves as generalists. Over the years, I’ve gathered a resource of copywriters who hold specialized knowledge in different industries. If your business is not a good fit for my copywriting services, I can help you find the copywriter who will conjure up the magic you need.

If you should decide you want to work with me and your business is a good fit, here are some administrative details you should know.

Turnaround Time

I prefer to have at least 2 weeks to complete an assignment. This will depend on a lot of factors, though, such as my schedule, your deadlines, the size of the assignment, etc. I’m flexible, so let me know what you’re up against and I’ll do my best to help you. Existing, ongoing clients will always receive priority. I’ve even occasionally moved mountains to meet a deadline to help them, so just talk to me.


I will provide an electronic invoice that lets you click through to pay by MasterCard or Visa on PayPal, or you can send me a check. Terms are generally net 15. I bill on or around the last day of each month for work completed during that month.

Copywriting Fees

If you skipped right to this part, you have to know that my fees are the same regardless of whether I enlist the skills of a specialist copywriter and work in a team to produce your copy, or whether I work directly with you. I will always select the optimal talent and resources to ensure your copy turns out the best that it can.

My fees vary by assignment, industry, topic, length, and all the details of the project. Just email me to find out what I need for a custom quote.

Highly Optimized Landing Pages

“Landing pages are the new direct marketing, and everyone with a website is a direct marketer.” ~Seth Godin

Landing pages are meant to convert traffic based on an intended action. This action could be subscribing to an email list or a free trial, purchasing a product, or requesting information.

In a nutshell, landing pages are designed for a specific purpose, that is to convert a visitor to complete an action.

The optimization of landing pages is a widely discussed topic in internet marketing. Marketers continue to tweak their pages in hopes of increased conversions.

What are the best practices for designing an effective landing page? I will cover some of them here and then we will look at specific examples in further detail.

Keep it simple

A landing page is designed for visitors to complete a single action. If you clutter the page with too many calls to action, you will confuse the visitor.

Avoid excess content

Users will not read through copy. They will simply skim headlines.

Avoid excess clutter. Oft times, less is more with landing pages. Clear, concise calls to action and a good amount of white-space can be very effective at drawing the eye to the intended action. Clean and simple is the name of the game.


Testimonials will convey to the visitor that your product is worth buying.

Be careful not to overdo the testimonials. One or two should suffice. If possible, brands and logos work best, either alone or accompanied by a review. People are skeptical. If you post a testimonial by a “Beth Smith”, they might think it was your trusted aunt helping you out. Establish authenticity with your testimonials in any way you can. Videos will work as well.

Above the fold

“Above the fold” of a web page simply refers to the area a visitor views without scrolling down. Your landing page should include the most important information as well as the “call to action” button above the fold. People should never have to scroll down to view the “meat” of the landing page.


From start to finish, your sales funnel should be relevant and consistent. If you are sending people to a landing page via an advertisement, the landing page should speak the same message as your ad and include similar colors and fonts. If you are advertising a free 7 day trial, this information should be listed on your landing page. If the messaging is even the slightest bit inconsistent, you will lose potential leads.


A landing page should undergo A/B testing. With this type of testing, you measure response rates based on different versions of a control. For example, your first landing page will act as your control. You would then test one variable at a time (e.g. a different banner, button, image, etc.) by changing an element and seeing how your audience responds. Successful testing will give you the optimal landing page for your target audience.

Color Usage

The use of appropriate colors can greatly enhance your conversion rates. Colors create an emotional response while drawing the eye to a specific location. Use a pop of color for your “call to action” buttons. They should jump off the page.

For an in-depth look at color in web design, check out this informative article: Color Theory for Designers
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